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Our Craft


We are preservationists for traditional methods and craftsmanship.

Merging those methods with a modern approach without compromising the quality, personal touch

and passion for furniture-craft.


We prize skilled handcraft and innovation. Our factory, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan where all of our furniture is proudly made, contains many centuries of wood-craft experience.

As large contract companies moved production overseas, TMC Furniture expanded our American-made approach, focusing our resource developement in Grand Rapids. As other furniture companies reduced staff, we added to our team many second and third generation woodworkers with experience as young craftsman in the old traditions of furniture building, or whose fathers, uncles or grandmothers built chairs and tables in the glory days of Michigan's woodland history. These crafts-people brought to our company their knowledge of veneer marquetry, wood-joining and finishing expertise. To their experiences, we added the best of robotic machinery to create the perfect blend of modern American production with traditional method. We care deeply about providing you furniture with strong design, lasting quality and durable strength.

This is our craft.


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