Custom Solutions

As artists, designers, engineers and woodworkers we understand the passion for a vision, for a beautifully integrated space. We work with architects, designers and end users to help them achieve that vision, big or small. We offer a unique blend of expertise from design and engineering to over a century of combined woodworking expertise.

Our workshop is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the heart of furniture craft, which gives us two decades of knowledgeable vendor resources and our own third and fourth-generation craftsmen.

Give us a call and let’s work together.

Our Custom Process

Working with Architects, Designers or End Users

We focus on making our customers’ experience enjoyable and impactful, yet thorough. We put a lot of effort and resources into custom work and realize it is helpful to lay out levels of service you can expect, explaining all that we do and what that means in regards to the value of your custom project. Our engineers and technical abilities provide a sound collaboration with interior designers and architects. We are artists who understand the importance of an aesthetic and continuity of a space. Contact us to start the conversation about your space and how we can work with you on achieving your vision. Depending on the level of customization, we may request a fee for upfront design and engineering.


Custom Process and levels of service



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