Couture Adelle Chair

The Napoleon, Alphonso, Adelle, Mona, and Sasha chairs comprise TMC's boldly stylish Couture Collection. The Napoleon's outline clearly bespeaks the hat of the general, while the more modest Alphonso appears to wear a simple cap and turned up collar. The Adelle recalls a stylish woman of the 1930's, decked out in an elegant hat and coat. The Sasha chair, with her smooth rounded back and small scoop at the top, is the epitome of simple elegance, and appears equally at ease in a small bistro or upscale restaurant. The lines of the Mona chair are strong and pure, making a dramatic, cut-and-dash impact. This lean and compact shield-like form projects a sense of power and grace. Upholstered seats and task bases are available for all Couture shell styles.