Learning Panels

Talking…asking questions…reading…and curiosity abounds! Learning Panels engage children on many levels and encourage interaction between the parent and children around them.

“I think these Learning Panels are beautifully done, both aesthetically pleasing and engaging for children. They represent a perfect compliment to activities that emphasize informational text in libraries and early literacy settings. I believe they will offer hours of fun and interactions among children and their friends and adult companions, and will be very helpful in extending children’s natural instinct to learn about their world.”

– Dr. Susan B. Neuman, Professor in Teaching and Learning at New York University specializing in early literacy development


  • Wide assortment of curriculum and topics
  • Four styles of panels - Flat, Sliding, Peg & Hinged
  • Easy to install and easy to swap out
  • Can be mounted directly to wood surfaces only
  • Mounting panels are available for installing on other wall materials.


W 16" H 16"
Mounting Panels W 20" H 20"

Learning panels incorporate ECRR and The Basics' principles into their design. Babies and toddlers are encouraged to interact with learning panels by sliding a mouse around the clock or moving a tractor through a farm. The movement from right to left mimics reading on a page. Little fingers grasping the wooden mechanisms strengthen fine motor skills that will later help with writing development. Different panel topics spark curiosity and motivate little ones to learn and practice skills.