Indian Creek Public Library

Olathe, KS

Olathe is known for its deep history, beginning with serving as a stagecoach stop on the Oregon Trail, the California Trail and the Sante Fe Trail. It was also a place where the famous Hyer Cowboy boots got their start. The Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Historic Site is another familiar landmark in the town of note. This historical site is a museum that teaches farming, blacksmithing and what it was like to live on the Mahaffie farm in the 1860s.

The library was also interested in a fairytale theme with a castle being a familiar motif in children’s stories. This case study is a compilation of ideas, collaboration, rough concept sketches, renderings to the final space design and fabrication. It is an example of our process, how we absorb, interpret, and collaborate with the library. This space was designed to resonate and create an active early learning, play environment in the library.

Please see the complete case study below.