Mercy Health – Riverside

Rockford, IL

Architect: AECOM - Minnesota

Karen Mensing, an architect at AECOM, saw our Ode screens and wanted to incorporate them into her interiors for her Mercy Health Riverside project. Once she supplied the visuals for her custom design, we tweaked them slightly to make sure there was enough material left for structural integrity.

For her to approve the material and finish she had envisioned, we made 10” x 10” samples of her custom pattern to scale. We also collaborated with the general contractor who integrated our custom Ode panels into existing millwork. Using Class C materials with exposed ply edge, Karen was able to specify these Ode panels in the artwork category and the outcome was simply that; a beautiful collection of art. The solid laminate panel with painted wall behind the crafted design makes for a brilliant pop of color, while the simple warm wood veneer surface offers a natural and calm contrast.

The result of these custom ode panels provided a fresh and quietly cheerful look to the hospital interior—a beautiful and arresting project.