Oxford Lane Library

Oxford, OH

Architect: SHP Design

The library wanted to create an Early Learning Space that celebrated the uniqueness of this special community, capturing endearing designs from the architecture of the downtown buildings, Miami University’s classic brick architecture and the beautiful surrounding farms. The library director took pictures of the town for inspiration and authenticity. From these pictures, the TMCkids’ design team incorporated the town’s building styles and colors to add a custom feel to our LearnPLAY structures. Interestingly shaped windows were framed with wood trim accents; architectural moldings on the facades added contrast and dimension. The director requested we incorporate the Farmer’s Market, as it is a popular venue in the town. Along with this broad, conceptual assignment, we were given a plan view of the space from the architect. We “went to town” so to speak and began designing and laying out the vignette flow. As one enters the Lane Library Early Learning Space, they are greeted by the familiar sights of the town’s large clock and Farmer’s Market.

Please see the complete Case Study below.