University Of Michigan – Shapiro Library

Ann Arbor, MI

Our Fairfield Parent+Child Carrel was sponsored by the CEW, Continuing Education of Women and MCaSP, Michigan Caregivers and Student Parents at the University of Michigan. The goal of MCaSP is to build and sustain a thriving community of student-parents at the University of Michigan who are bolstered by their knowledge of their educational rights as student parents and socially supported by their cohort. Committed to the needs and resources of student parents, this carrel provides a sound and inclusive solution – a family friendly work/study option with a nurturing PLAY area for baby or toddler an arm’s length away.

The Fairfield Parent+Child Carrel is a prime example of combining all The Basics early literacy practices – Count, Group & Compare, Talk, Sing & Point, Maximize Love & Manage Stress, Explore through Movement & PLAY, Read & Discuss Stories. Babies and toddlers are encouraged to interact with learning panels by sliding a mouse around the clock or moving a tractor through a farm, strengthening fine motor skills. The mirror sparks curiosity and motivates little ones to learn and practice skills like tummy time, which develops the necessary gross motor skills for crawling, walking and beyond.